Indoor Leaks & Spills

Indoor Leaks, Spills and Floods

FloodSax Alternative Sandbags

FloodSax are now extensively used indoors to soak up leaks, spills and floods.

The absorbent technology within FloodSax means they are as useful in their ‘dry’ state as they are when soaked in water to turn them into alternative sandbags.

FloodSax (which are also known as floodbags or floodsacks) resemble large pillowcases before they come into contact with water and are ultra-thin which means they can be slipped into the most inaccessible places around homes and businesses to soak up water leaks.

They have a large surface area which means drips and leaks can fall onto the material which then absorbs it, stopping it from leaking any further.

Facilities managers use them in commercial buildings to deal with leaking roofs, pipes and radiators and many plumbers now carry them as an essential part of their kit.

FloodSax are also an early warning system for drips and leaks that could worsen to become a major flooding problem causing potentially tens of thousands of pounds damage. If you suspect a leak or drip then pop a FloodSax underneath it and leave it for a day or two.

They are white so if there is a slight leak the tell-tale signs of a watermark on the FloodSax or the FloodSax itself slightly rising would indicate there is a problem that needs sorting.

Easy to Use


Ready to use when you need them

Sand Bag Alternative


Lightweight and small until energised


90% Biodegradable

The environmentally friendly solution

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