How many FloodSax®
do I need to purchase?
This is a guide only

You are ultimately responsible for your own property!

  • Each Floodsax® is approximately 30cm (12 inches) wide
  • Each layer of Floodsax® will keep approximately 20 cm (8 inches) of water out

Count up all of the following - 

  • Single External Doors - 1 x Door Pack or 5 x 20 Litre. 3 on the outside and 2 on the inside.
  • Double External Doors e.g. patio - 2 x Door Pack or 10 x 20 Litre
  • Air Bricks - 2 x 20 Litre. Please remember old house have lower air bricks, newer house have higher and most house have a minimum of 2 air bricks.
  • Downstairs Toilets - 1 x 15 Litre or 1 x 20 Litre
  • Garage doors - Single - Typically 10 x 20 Litre (3 metre width)
  • Garage doors - Double - Typically 20 x 20 litre (6 metre width)

For open spaces, i.e. a flood barrier to divert water running past your property as shown on the video - you also need to think about how deep might the water rise? 

Things to think about - plan ahead - don't leave it until it's too late - remember prevention is better than cure

  • Water can come in not only through doors and windows
  • Air bricks on the outside of the property - do you know where they are?
  • Downstairs toilets - a Floodsax® jammed in the toilet will prevent sewerage being backed up in to your home
  • It is recommended that you make provision to have enough Floodsax to put inside behind doors to soak up any seepage
How to use FloodSax®

View our video, below, to discover how easy it is to use FloodSax®

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