About FloodSax®Direct
Floodsax® - the innovative, convenient, easy-to-use alternative to sandbags for flood and spill management
FloodSax®, the innovative self-inflating flood defence system is set to revolutionise the way we control damage due to flooding.

20 FloodSax® can be stored in a box and can be deployed in minutes to protect your business or home from flood water.

FloodSax® are used as an alternative to traditional sandbags or Flood Bags, and allow everyone to prepare for Flooding.

A box of 20 Floodsax is the equivalent of a pallet of 20 sandbags. Therefore much easier to store as they are far smaller and lighter.

The semi-porous inner liner contains hundreds of absorbent crystals which absorb water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes. Once the water is in there, it stays there and the bags act just like sandbags to keep floods at bay.

They are designed so they mould into doorways to keep floodwater out.

  • Floodsax® are similar in weight and texture to a pillow whilst dry, but are as tough and heavy as sandbags within minutes.
  • Easy storage means they are ready for action anytime, any place, anywhere.
  • Floodsax are exceptionally tough and can stop a powerful torrent of water in its tracks.
  • Designed so the frail and elderly can deploy them in minutes, they are endorsed by the National Disabled Fire Association, which supports disabled people working in the fire service and the wider communities in which they serve.

Floodsax are designed to control flood damage and can buy you sufficient time to move your loved ones and valuable possessions to safety.


FloodSax® are ideal for any emergency
- not just for floods. Stops water in its tracks!

Facility Managers/Building owners

  • Storms/flood mitigation
  • Broken pipes/storm water overflow
  • Faulty sprinkler system leaks
  • Kitchen/bathroom spills and leaks
  • Persistent plumbing leaks
  • Contain cascading water flow from multi storey and high rise buildings
  • Minimise exposure to slips for customers and staff
  • Assist as a risk mitigation component of your safety management system

Shopping Centres and Retail

  • Sanitised/clean option for mitigating water damage
  • Contain and localise water damage to keep trading

IT/Communications Companies

  • Immediate protection for server rooms/equipment against water damage

Hospitals/Aged Care Facilities

  • Localise and contain water damage to minimise disruption

Plumbers & Maintenance

  • Lightweight option for temporary water management
  • Compact to store and carry in vehicles

Water Companies

  • Water/sewage bursts and spills mitigation:
  • Reduce response times for water main breaks, bursts and leaks
  • Provide an instant containment wall for water/sewage flow


  • Contain underground water leaks, divert and manage water flow

Building Construction

  • Lightweight and portable option for sandbags and water management

Public Transport Systems

  • Mitigate disruptions to timetables caused by storms, floods and accidental water damage
  • Provide an instant containment wall for water flow at stations and along transport infrastructure

Government Agencies:

  • Manage water damage for public assets and housing
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